Utility Coordination and Design

MDOT SHA Utility Design and Inspection Services Open-End Statewide, Maryland

KCI delivers responsive design, inspection and right-of-way services for electric, gas, water, sewer, steam, telephone, fiber optic and cable utility lines. The benefits of quality and efficient utility coordination can mean the difference of eliminating millions of dollars’ worth of utility impacts, missed construction schedules or the delay of getting power and communication services to your new project site.

Using new technologies and innovative approaches to problem solving, we find practical, cost-effective solutions to project challenges in the rapidly advancing utilities environment. Our extensive service offerings, client base and geographic reach enable us to serve as a liaison to state and local governments, effectively coordinating multi-utility projects in complex infrastructure and changing regulatory environments. Services include:

  • Utility design
  • Feasibility and strategic studies
  • Plans, specifications and estimates
  • Forensic investigations
  • Permitting
  • Right-of-way determination and negotiations
  • Pole inventories
  • Manhole inspections
  • Structural assessments
  • Pole attachment inventories
  • As-built documentation
CCTV Inspection

KCI’s dedicated utility coordinators are focused on addressing the needs of each key-stakeholder and planning for successful resolution of utility issues on projects. Our team is trained and knowledgeable with the requirements of the latest FHWA and state DOT processes as well as utility company, NESC, AASHTO and OSHA design criteria. The combination of this information fills an important gap in the project planning process and facilitates success.