Telecommunications Design and Engineering Services

4G LTE Wireless Super Regional Fiber Backhaul West Texas

KCI provides planning, engineering, inspection, permitting, right-of-way and site acquisition services to large carriers and small telecommunications companies. Our nation’s communications network has become the backbone to how our society interrelates. KCI provides a vast array of design services to support, update and expand communications infrastructure including: outside plant engineering, survey, subsurface utility engineering, wireless, GIS database management, utility coordination, environmental permits, structural certifications, as-built (red line) documentation and pathway feasibility analysis. By combining years of practical experience with our advanced technical skills, we deliver detailed, customer-specific infrastructure design to commercial, institutional, federal, state and private sector organizations.

Our capabilities include site identification and acquisition, environmental assessments, surveying, site engineering, geotechnical investigations, and mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as structural inspection, design and analysis. Services include:

Century Link Tower Engineering Services, Various Locations

From the identification of subsurface utilities to the development and implementation of infrastructure solutions, we help our clients to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of their systems. Using new technologies and innovative approaches to problem solving, we find practical, cost-effective solutions to project challenges in the rapidly advancing telecommunications environment.

Drawing on the latest developments in computer simulation modeling, video imaging, and stealthing techniques, we also create innovative methods to facilitate public acceptance of proposed construction.