Transportation Construction Contractor Services

Fayetteville Outer Loop Fayetteville, North Carolina

KCI provides a full range of contractor services to support innovation and efficiency of transportation construction projects. Our affiliation with heavy/highway and bridge contractors has provided our employees with the knowledge and experience of working with construction issues on a day-to-day basis. We now serve more than 70 contractors throughout the eastern United States, and can develop and incorporate new ideas to help contractors save time and money, based on the continuous influx of information on new construction concepts and problems encountered by contractors in the heavy/highway construction industry. We offer contractors a level of confidence that each concept discussed is fully understood by our team and the most effective approach used for design and construction of each system. Services include:

  • Formwork/falsework systems
  • Temporary and permanent shoring systems
  • Coffer dams
  • Detour bridges
  • Retaining structures
  • Marine structures
  • Barge analysis
  • Culvert design
  • Work trestles
  • Aerial platforms
  • Man baskets and overhead buggies
  • Bridge jacking
  • Safety and fall protection systems
  • Girder erection
  • Demolition and erection plans
  • Construction grades
  • Value engineering

KCI’s Contractor Services Practice is committed to providing quality engineering services to produce results that allow our clients to complete complex construction projects on time and under budget. The value and importance of providing close, individual attention to each project cannot be understated. Our team of engineers specializes in applying innovative, creative ideas and construction expertise to produce designs based on safety, economics, aesthetics and sound engineering practices. We believe in focusing not only on structural integrity, but also constructability and cost efficiency. We strive to incorporate materials that our contractor clients have on hand, saving both money and time.

US Route 21 over the Catawba River, York County, South Carolina

Many of the projects we have been involved with are fast track, value-engineering projects that require a dedicated staff to perform the design, complete plans and secure client approval under very accelerated timeframes in order to meet original construction schedules. KCI has saved DOT clients more than $7.5 million in value engineering savings and several years of construction time by incorporating innovative ideas on transportation projects.