Transportation Data Collection

Nashville Downtown Mobility Plan Nashville, TN

Good data is the basis for good analysis, and from a sight distance measurement to a statewide origin-destination survey, KCI can provide customized data resources for your project. We first understand how the data is to be used, then determine efficient ways to collect it. When we sit down with our client or stand in front of the public, we are confident in the quality of our data and what it tells us.

Examples of our data collection expertise includes:

  • Traffic volume counts (mainline and intersections)
  • Traffic speed data
  • Bicycle/pedestrian counts
  • Origin-destination surveys
  • Transportation network inventory
  • Travel time data
  • Vehicle classification counts
  • Attitude and opinion surveys
  • Safety data analysis
  • Regulatory compliance inventory (ADA, etc.)
  • Video data collection
  • Parking occupancy