Traffic Signal Design and ITS

Cool Springs ITS Design and Construction Franklin, TN

KCI has significant experience in the design of traffic signal systems, signal timing projects, traffic signal operations, and communication plans. Our traffic signal design projects often include design provisions for turn lane improvements, pedestrian crosswalks, pedestrian signals, ADA ramps and landings, and other pedestrian accommodations. Many of these projects include the need to analyze current and future traffic operations of the corridor to determine the proper communication technology to improve mobility.

An important aspect to traffic signal operations is the application of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technology. In most applications, the ITS technology enhances the signal system so the traffic will operate at an optimal level at all times of the day. As part of our traffic signal designs, ITS applications are commonly included such as video detection, fiber optic communications, and video surveillance cameras.

KCI has also developed signal system relocation plans for major arterial improvement projects. An important part of relocation plans is the utility coordination required. We have extensive experience coordinating with public and private utility companies to ensure all aspects of the utilities are considered and the communication technology is appropriate.