Public Involvement and Participation

Water Project Press Conference Smyrna, Delaware

With a dedicated staff of public involvement and public relations specialists, KCI has a reputation for managing first-class community outreach programs. We understand the technical demands of infrastructure and development projects, as well as the need to share information with stakeholders. We tailor our clients’ public involvement programs to fit the specific needs of each project, large or small. More than just another project component, public involvement is something we regard as necessary for engaging the citizens of communities that are affected by changes in their built environment. By employing proactive strategies and the effective use of communication materials, we help our clients cultivate partnerships with regulatory agencies, businesses, community advisory councils and other stakeholders to advance each project through the development, design and construction process.

  • Public awareness and education campaigns
  • Print, broadcast, and electronic media coordination
  • Public meeting/hearing facilitation and displays
  • Special event coordination
  • Graphics and collateral design
  • Facilitation, conflict resolution and consensus building
  • Research/stakeholder identification
  • Multi-media presentations
  • Video writing, direction and editing
  • Website design, hosting, and maintenance
  • Social media


KCI’S public involvement philosophy reflects a greater commitment to enhancing project outcomes for the client and the quality of life for individuals impacted by project-related decisions or resulting physical changes to their environment. Our proactive strategies and customized communication initiatives are designed to effectively engage the public at the appropriate times throughout the project process. We build consensus, foster partnerships and local ownership in project outcomes through active participation and meaningful input opportunities. KCI’s public involvement expertise ensures comprehensive, creative solutions to meet ever-increasing demands for cost-effective, innovative public participation and communications programs.