Natural Resources Planning, Design and Construction

Neelys Bend Stream Mitigation Bank Nashville, TN

KCI provides natural resources planning, engineering, design, and construction services to help protect and restore streams, wetlands, watersheds and forests. Our environmental scientists and engineers apply their expertise in all aspects of wetland science, stream restoration, watershed planning, resource conservation and permit compliance. By integrating sound resource management practices with state-of-the art technology and construction techniques, we offer creative approaches to dam removal, fish passage and other projects for our clients. We provide innovative solutions for restoring urban channels, addressing flashy flows, utilities and property constraints. Services include:

  • Natural channel design
  • Channel and bank stabilization
  • Water quality studies
  • Vegetative analyses
  • Physical/biological monitoring
  • Fisheries studies
  • Geomorphological assessment
  • NEPA assessment
  • Sediment analysis
  • Fish passage design
  • Dam removal
  • Aquatic resource impact analysis
  • Ecological restoration/mitigation
  • Wetland delineation
  • Function/value assessments
  • Forest preservation
  • Rare, threatened and endangered species
  • Permitting
  • Alternatives analysis
  • Environmental construction services
  • Construction inspection and post-construction monitoring

For nearly two decades, KCI has established a leadership role in ecosystem restoration services east of the Mississippi. KCI has undertaken hundreds of miles of stream and river assessments, sediment transport, conceptual and final restoration design, construction management and construction. Final design work has included the preparation of complete construction drawings, specifications and construction cost estimates.

Leipers Fork Stream Restoration, Leipers Fork, Tennessee

Expanding on our years of experience in natural channel restoration, our team has become a leader in innovative approaches to dam repairs, removal, bypass channels and fish passageways for both structural and natural-like fishways. While many communities enjoy and desire to have water features built or maintained in their communities, the long term inspection and repair expense, human safety and insurance issues along with the growing environmental challenges such as fish passage, dredging and contamination has many questioning what options they have available.


Stream and Wetland Banking