Mobile Field Services Application

KCI’s in-house Geospatial Solutions practice created the Mobile Field Services (MFS) application, the first Windows 8 tablet inspection system currently in the market place. KCI field staff use the mobile app to record pertinent site information that is uploaded to a cloud-based central data repository. The app creates an artifact attachment for photos, documents and sketches, geocodes for positional awareness, and performs editing and syncing while disconnected. The MFS ties data together and ensures that when a field user finishes a work day, all required actions are complete.


Recording information first hand also reduces time and effort, creating efficiencies that can be passed on to our clients through cost savings. MFS’s fully customizable features can be organized to meet any client’s needs, including data entry, output, and the many different Inspector Daily Report forms used by various organizations. These features are important to our clients for the same reasons why it is important for KCI—it saves time and effort—allowing field staff to focus on the project and not the paper work. Key advantages of KCI field staff using the MFS include:

  • Streamlined business processes
  • Efficient management of a large amount of data
  • Improved documentation
  • Full customization to meet client needs