Dam Engineering

Columbia Association Dam Howard County, Maryland

KCI provides the full range of dam engineering services including design and remediation, instrumentation, construction monitoring, safety inspections, forensics, and removal design and construction. We employ a multi-disciplined approach to design, construction, maintenance, emergency action, safety inspection, and removal. Our staff includes geotechnical, structural, and water resources engineers as well as natural resource managers and underwater inspection teams featuring dive-certified professional engineers. We are familiar with federal and state design and safety requirements for all classes of dams, including earthen/rockfill, concrete, high and low hazard, reservoir, stormwater management, recreation, and flood control and levee structures. Services include:

  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Water resources analysis
  • Structural engineering and inspection
  • Underwater inspection
  • Natural resource management
  • Forensic engineering
  • Dredging
  • Removal resign and construction

Expanding on KCI’s years of experience in natural channel restoration, the firm has become a leader in innovative approaches to dam repairs, removal, bypass channels and fish passageways for both structural and natural-like fishways. While many communities enjoy and desire to have water features built or maintained in their communities, the long-term inspection and repair expense, human safety and insurance issues, as well as the growing environmental challenges such as fish passage, dredging and contamination, has many communities seeking dam removal and repair guidance. In many cases, communities are requesting the repair or removal of the structures, which are both valid engineering options.

Richland Creek Dam Removal
Richland Creek Dam Removal, Nashville Tennessee

KCI takes a holistic approach that blends engineering with geomorphology often used in natural channel design and fish passage to work with communities to expand their options for complete dam removal, partial breaches, dam/spillway repairs and modifications using rock-ramp and step-pool technologies, controlling sediment transport and management, natural channel training, creation of fish passage and other environmental features such as natural river valleys and parks, off-line sediment free community ponds and diverse ecosystems. Our “out-of-the-box” thinking expands the tools available to communities to meet federal, state and local government concerns as well as local community groups and owners. Additionally, using a variety of options, the potential exists for communities to put a comprehensive plan together that opens the door to a variety of funding sources to meet overall goals and objectives.