Design-Build Natural Resources

Richland Creek Dam Removal Nashville, Tennessee

KCI’s goal is to protect the environment while at the same time deliver creative natural resources design-build project solutions. We pride ourselves on integrating scientific knowledge with the latest regulations to achieve successful and sustainable outcomes. Our team applies this integration focus to all of our ecosystem assessments, management and engineering services and capabilities.

Over the last two decades, KCI has developed specialized capabilities in the planning and execution of complex natural resource projects that require the integration of multiple practices and professional expertise through ecosystem restoration, adaptive management, ecosystem engineering, and environmental program development. We seek to solve complex environmental problems by integrating ecologic sustainability with economic integrity. Services include:

  • Integrated project delivery approach – design/build, construction management, ecosystem restoration/management, full delivery projects
  • Payment for ecological services (banking)
  • Sustainable business development

The firm’s KCI Environmental Technologies and Construction (ETC) subsidiary provides design and construction for streams and wetland restoration and mitigation projects. Our project managers have formal education in construction management, water resources engineering and management, environmental science, forestry, and biology; several with advanced degrees. KCI’s professional experience spans rural, suburban and urban landscapes, as well as a variety of ecoregions and ranges in size from small stormwater management ponds to regional lake restoration initiatives.

Prairie Creek Treatment Train, Grand Lake St. Marys, Ohio

Management-based restoration follows detailed engineering, which involves site identification, design and construction executed by a single entity. This approach minimizes delays, reduces costs, and results in successful projects. By working as true partners with our clients, we can be more responsive to the project’s specific goals and objectives.