Construction Engineering and Inspection

Bruce B. Downs Boulevard Tampa, Florida

KCI offers a broad range of construction inspection and contractor quality control (CQC) services for transportation, utilities, environmental, water/wastewater, recreational, and building projects. Competent and thorough inspection is one of the most important elements in achieving a quality construction project. Proper inspection requires not only technical expertise and knowledge of the materials and procedures to be used, but also sound judgment, diplomacy and good communication skills. KCI’s construction engineering and inspection services include:

  • Inspection and oversight of construction to ensure procedures and materials comply with plans and specifications
  • Contractor’s activity inspection and documentation
  • Inspector’s daily report preparation
  • Examination of quality of installations for conformity to standards and specifications
  • Interpret drawings and specifications and discuss deviations
  • Neat, accurate and complete records maintenance
  • Active participation in project meetings
  • Contractor’s schedule monitoring
  • Paint/coating inspection
  • Field testing of soils, concrete and asphalt, and materials sampling
  • Assistance with change order review and completion
  • Monitoring and documentation of materials delivered and incorporated into the work
  • Assistance in semi-final/final inspections
  • Punch list preparation and completion monitoring
  • Assistance with smooth and timely project close-out
Arlington Cemetery Parking Garage, Arlington, Virginia

KCI’s inspectors know and use effective inspection techniques for varying types of construction and provide complete and accurate documentation for the work – electronic, written and photographic. We provide trained, certified professional construction inspectors for clients ranging from the Federal Highway Administration and various state departments of transportation and municipalities, to the Architect of the Capitol, departments of general services, hospitals, and K-12 and higher education facilities.