Asset Management Strategic Planning

When considering asset management, it is important to understand that every organization is different and asset management plans can vary greatly. Given the breadth of asset management plans, nearly every part of an organization will be impacted in some way. KCI uses an inclusive approach that is focused on guiding key stakeholders through the asset management planning and design process to ensure organizational success when it comes to implementing asset management plans. As part of the planning and design process, our team will review the benefits of asset management, conduct a needs assessment and gap analysis, work with key stakeholders to establish level of service indicators, identify critical assets, and analyze asset life cycle costs. Incorporating all available asset information and best practices, we assist clients with establishing long term preventive and predictive maintenance plans and developing comprehensive asset management plans.

Strategic Visioning

Strategic visioning includes gathering details about a client’s current state of asset management and determining a path towards achieving the benefits of leveraging asset management principles and practices. At KCI we work closely with our clients to develop a vision for how adoption of asset management principles can improve their asset infrastructure, performance, and efficiency. Our team will assist with identifying organization-specific goals and discussing the ramifications of asset prioritization and risk thresholds. We will also review important topics for an organization to consider, including the benefits of asset management.

As an outcome of the strategic visioning process, KCI will develop a strategic asset management roadmap that is customized to the client’s unique goals, needs, and asset management maturity level. The roadmap will include identification of key initiatives to assist with project prioritization.

     Client Strategic Objectives      How KCI Can Help
  • Better understand what asset management has to offer over current practices
  • Articulate organizational goals, business drivers, and strategic vision for asset management
  • Orient asset management efforts, financial resource decisions, and customer engagements on clear service level objectives
  • Have a comprehensive strategic plan for moving forward with building or improving an asset management program
  • Strategic Visioning Workshops
  • Asset Management Maturity Assessment
  • Level of Service Workshops
  • Strategic Asset Management Roadmap

Gap Analysis

The KCI team will conduct a needs assessment to identify and document clients’ current asset management practices and complete a Gap Analysis to determine best practices. Analysts will complete information gathering by reviewing current data, conducting interviews and compiling a summary of the gap analysis. The gap analysis will provide the details of the missing data elements for the client’s asset inventory, and identify missing processes and roles, along with best-practice recommendations for how to close the gaps.

     Client Strategic Objectives      How KCI Can Help
  • Articulate and fully understand organizational goals, business drivers, needs, current state, and associated gaps
  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment
  • Organizational Capabilities Assessment
  • Gap Analysis

Integrated Planning

With increasing competition for limited resources, integrated planning is a way to set strategic priorities across all asset classes within an organization. An integrated plan offers a flexible approach to investing in physical assets that yields optimal social, environmental and financial benefits.  KCI can help you evaluate your entire system to identify opportunities to optimize financial investments through sequencing of projects in order to provide sustainable service at a reduced cost and higher overall benefit.

     Client Strategic Objectives      How KCI Can Help
  • Allocate resources to achieve maximum total benefit across all business units
  • Plan for all asset needs across the organization, independently of organizational structure
  • Develop a uniform approach to evaluating asset risk across all asset classes
  • Prioritize and optimize capital projects

Implementation Planning

KCI offers comprehensive planning services that scale to client goals, needs, and budget. As part of the process, an Asset Management Plan is developed based on the results of the Gap Analysis and leveraging industry best practices. An Implementation Plan is then developed following asset management best practices and includes recommendations which are backed by in-depth analysis of all asset inventory and cost data.

     Client Strategic Objectives      How KCI Can Help
  • Develop a comprehensive Implementation Plan to guide the organization through all aspects of program set-up, implementation, and continual improvement
  • Comprehensive Asset Management Plan incorporating the collective outcomes of all other analytic, technical, and planning services rendered
  • Implementation Plan leverages the knowledge from the Asset Management Plan and provides a roadmap including the necessary steps to lead the organization from where it is today to where it would like to be in the near future.

Performance Management

Once the Asset Management Plan is developed, our team will work with your staff to develop a method to track progress by developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  KCI will leverage industry best practices and interview key staff at all levels of the organization to develop KPIs that meet the needs of each management level.

     Client Strategic Objectives      How KCI Can Help
  • Align metrics to gauge performance and provide insight at all levels of the organization from first line supervisors up to senior management
  • Assist with creation of key performance indicators (KPIs)