Asset Management Operations Optimization

Optimizing asset service life reduces total lifecycle cost, which translates into savings for your organization and your customers.  To achieve maximum service life, an appropriate balance of corrective and proactive maintenance is required. To better understand your organization, KCI employs industry-standard risk assessment strategies to identify and prioritize asset investments where they are most likely to matter. We have the expertise to leverage state-of-the-art predictive analytics to model various investment scenarios that consider capital and operating expenses. Our team of asset management professionals leverage model results to develop a defined O&M strategy focused on optimizing asset value.

O&M Strategy

Does a “run to fail” strategy make sense for some or all of your assets? Is there a “right” mix of preventative and reactive maintenance that will lower asset lifecycle costs while still enabling delivery of service level goals at an acceptable level of risk?

The experienced KCI team leverages state-of-the-art predictive analytics tools to help client organizations better understand their system’s current and future risk profile and better manage evolving risks and comparative costs through “smart” O&M and renewal strategies.

     Client Strategic Objectives      How KCI Can Help
  • Optimize routine operations and maintenance activities
  • Reduce the number of costly unplanned or emergency maintenance activities by applying the right frequency of preventative maintenance throughout an asset’s entire lifecycle
  • Leverage predictive analytics to simulate the near and long-term outcomes of various asset maintenance strategies for comparison
  • Recommendations for optimal proactive vs. reactive “maintenance mixes”
  • Failure Mode Analysis

Risk Management

Analyzing asset probability of failure and consequence of failure are both important factors for determining business risk exposure. In its simplest terms, risk exists at the intersection of probability of failure (condition) and consequence of failure (criticality). Once high risk assets are identified, risk management involves the development of mitigation strategies and solutions to address and minimize their risk to business processes, productivity, and costs.

     Client Strategic Objectives      How KCI Can Help
  • Identify critical assets and assess risk
  • Improve risk management by incorporating new sources of asset condition data
  • Leverage industry-standard assessment methods and tools to analyze asset risk based on probability of failure and consequence of failure
  • Identification and feasibility assessment of potential new sources of asset condition data
  • Recommendations for how to gather and incorporate new asset condition data into future risk assessments
  • Condition Assessment Protocol development

Predictive Modeling

Predictive analytics are algorithms that, when run against asset data, can assist with identifying patterns and trends associated with asset deterioration, risk, and cost. The patterns and trends that are identified can be leveraged to model various operations and maintenance (O&M) strategies as well as support capital investment and long-term funding scenarios. Our team is experienced with using industry-leading predictive analytics tools to deliver capital improvement plan (CIP) and long-term funding recommendations.

     Client Strategic Objectives      How KCI Can Help
  • Leverage data about asset condition, criticality, and risk to better understand system sustainability, risk patterns, and cost trends
  • Develop “smart”, data-driven asset management strategies, capital improvement plans, and budgets
  • Implement and leverage predictive analytics tools in-house
  • Pattern and trend analysis of risk and costs using industry-leading predictive analytics tools
  • Predictive “what-if scenario” modeling of operations and maintenance (O&M), capital improvement plan (CIP), and budget/rate adjustment scenarios
  • Presentation of all predictive analytic results in a clear, concise report format
  • Assist clients with implementing and leveraging predictive analytics tools in-house to include system implementation, enterprise integration, training, and support
  • RFP support for clients interested in a custom asset management system solution

Process Improvement

Process improvements may need to be made to transition your organization into better asset management practices.  Using the needs assessment, a workflow analysis can provide the “as is” and recommended “to be” process workflow. We can help you to improve your processes and to gather and maintain the necessary asset attributes to optimize your asset lifecycle.

     Client Strategic Objectives      How KCI Can Help
  • Implement process improvements to improve asset attributes
  • “As Is” and “To Be” process workflow analysis
  • Process improvement planning and execution


Society faces challenges daily in the form of abrupt changes and chronic deficiencies. Strategic asset management can help communities, organizations and other systems prosper in the face of adversity. An organization equipped with the people, processes and technology to skillfully navigate emerging challenges can continue to serve no matter what the challenges are. Asset management programs can provide the foundation for resiliency.

     Client Strategic Objectives      How KCI Can Help
  • To make the organization/community/system better in good times and bad
  • Reduce vulnerabilities by having a robust asset management program
  • Identify system vulnerability through quantifying the effect of asset failure