Asset Management Data and Technology

KCI is experienced in implementing scalable asset management solutions that meet client needs within available budgets. Leveraging its experienced GIS, project management and engineering professionals, we can deliver high quality GIS asset inventories and asset condition assessments, facilitate business process improvement initiatives, and implement data analytics and visualization solutions that help clients better understand their asset portfolios.

Asset Inventory

The first step in any asset management program is to gather an inventory of your system. In addition to providing a full range of asset inventory creation services (data compilation/clean-up, geo-referencing, GIS asset inventory, etc.) Our team will also develop an Asset Inventory Report representing the results of the data compilation, asset inventory, and associated data gap analysis.

     Client Strategic Objectives      How KCI Can Help
  • Know what assets exist, how many, and where they are located
  • Know asset remaining useful lives and key attribute information
  • View asset inventory data interactively on a map
  • Inventory and manage linear and vertical assets
  • Existing Asset Inventory Review
  • Asset data compilation/clean-up from all available sources into the client’s preferred GIS format
  • Asset Hierarchy Development
  • Comprehensive Asset Inventory Report
  • GIS technology implementations
  • Field Collection and Inspections

Condition and Criticality Assessment

A commitment to ongoing assessment of asset condition and criticality are necessary aspects of any risk-based asset management program. Understanding where assets are in their lifecycle (age, physical deterioration, etc.) and how critical they are in the event of failure, are both important factors for determining business risk and choosing asset management (O&M and CIP) strategies that minimize lifecycle costs for a desired level of service.

     Client Strategic Objectives      How KCI Can Help
  • Understand the condition of all assets and the overall condition of the system
  • Condition Ranking Tools/Templates
  • Condition Assessment Protocols

Enterprise Technology

KCI’s technical solutions team can help you improve the data flow and integration within your organization’s GIS, smart meter, CMMS, billing, CRM (311), financial, and other systems. Our team is also experienced in developing mobile/desktop applications tailored to optimize field data collection and feed data directly into client’s enterprise systems. All of KCI’s solutions employ security best practices and can integrate with your organization’s directory.

     Client Strategic Objectives      How KCI Can Help
  • Align metrics to gauge performance and provide insight at all levels of the organization from first line supervisors up to senior management
  • Assist with creation of key performance indicators (KPIs)

CMMS Implementation

We are a Cityworks partner with 6 highly-experienced Cityworks administrators/power users prepared to assist clients with new Cityworks CMMS Implementations or upgrades.  In addition, KCI also provides full-service CMMS training and user support.

     Client Strategic Objectives      How KCI Can Help
  • Implement CMMS solutions to manage assets and work orders
  • Cityworks Implementations (any platform)
  • Custom User Guides & SOPs
  • Classroom and One-on-One Training

Data Analytics and Visualization

Data visualization is the presentation of data in a pictorial or graphical format. It enables decision makers to see analytics presented visually, so they can grasp difficult concepts or identify new patterns. With interactive visualization, you can take the concept a step further by using technology to drill down into charts and graphs for more detail, interactively changing what data you see and how it’s processed. Key performance indicators can also be developed and deployed for public awareness.


     Client Strategic Objectives      How KCI Can Help
  • Develop a comprehensive Implementation Plan to guide the organization through all aspects of program set-up, implementation, and continual improvement
  • Comprehensive Asset Management Plan incorporating the collective outcomes of all other analytic, technical, and planning services rendered
  • Implementation Plan leverages the knowledge from the Asset Management Plan and provides a roadmap including the necessary steps to lead the organization from where it is today to where it would like to be in the near future.