KCI Becomes Member of the Institute of Asset Management

KCI recently became a corporate member of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM), the international professional body for asset management professionals. The IAM develops standards of good practice by which KCI aims to deliver asset management services to our clients. Corporate membership helps distinguish KCI as Asset Management professionals, versed in industry best practice. Established out of the UK in 1994, IAM has over 22,000 members in 158 countries.

IAM certification and corporate membership shows those outside of KCI what we already know—we are committed to providing scalable solutions that promote sustainable and cost-effective infrastructure.

Heidi Hammel, GISP, PMP, ITILVice President, Regional Practice Leader

Heidi Hammel, GISP, PMP, ITIL

KCI’s certification of 15 staff members served to solidify our membership application and showed that we are committed to building a practice that aligns with asset management standards: ISO 55000, PAS 55 and the IAM Competencies Framework. At the end of the three-day course, all attendees passed a knowledge and understanding test and received an IAM endorsed certification.