KCI Awards 2022 Sons and Daughters Scholarships

KCI is pleased to announce that the 2022 Sons & Daughters Scholarship Program has awarded scholarships to ten students. The program offers children of KCI employees the opportunity to receive $2,500 to put towards the cost of their education.

The ten awardees were selected from 48 applicants companywide. The selection criteria included academic achievement, leadership and participation in school and community activities, honors and accolades, work experience, and educational and career goals.

Congratulations to the recipients of this year’s scholarships:


KCI 2022 ScholarshipsWalter Bailey, 20, son of Joseph Bailey (Construction)

Walter will begin his junior year at North Carolina State University with a double major in biological and agricultural engineering technology and agricultural business management. Upon completion of his degrees, he hopes to obtain an agricultural position in chemical or equipment sales before returning to his family farm and utilizing effective practices. This is Walter’s third consecutive year receiving the award.


KCI 2022 ScholarshipsShannon DePratter, 19, daughter of David DePratter (Water)

As Shannon enters her sophomore year at the University of South Carolina, she is pursuing an accelerated degree program in biomedical engineering with a minor in neuroscience. While gaining experience through her employment at an Alzheimer’s disease and traumatic brain injury research lab, she plans to continue her education and obtain a PhD at Columbia University. She hopes to use her experience and education to lead a research team in search of treatment for neurodegenerative disorders. This is Shannon’s second consecutive year receiving the scholarship award.


KCI 2022 ScholarshipsElla Jordahl, 22, daughter of Harald-Jordy Jordahl (Water)

As she enters her senior year at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, Ella will earn degrees in both economics and political science. With a passion for the natural world, she is pursuing a certificate in sustainability and hopes to work in the field of ecosystem services, eventually obtaining a Master’s in Business Administration or attending law school to help mitigate environmental issues.


KCI 2022 ScholarshipsSerena Jordahl, 19, daughter of Harald-Jordy Jordahl (Water)

Serena is heading into her sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where she is working toward her degree in journalism and strategic communications. She seeks to combine her studies of mass communications and its impact on society with her love of the outdoors through a certificate in environmental studies.


KCI 2022 ScholarshipsMatthew Kohl, 18, son of Eric Kohl (Site/Facilities)

Heading into his freshman year at North Carolina State University, Matthew is pursuing a degree in engineering. After discovering his passion for biotechnology and genetics in a high school class, he aspires to research cures for genetic disorders and cancers through gene splicing solutions.


KCI 2022 ScholarshipsAtticus Leibman, 20, son of Gregory Leibman (Construction)

Atticus is entering his junior year at the University of Maryland, College Park where he will obtain his bachelor’s degree in finance and master’s degree in quantitative finance. Looking to pursue a career in investment banking, he will continue to utilize internship opportunities to gain experience and knowledge in the financial services industry. This is Atticus’s second consecutive year receiving the scholarship award.


KCI 2022 ScholarshipsHerissa Monsalud, 19, daughter of Marissa Monsalud (Construction)

After spending the summer interning as a construction inspector with KCI, Herissa is entering her sophomore year at the University of Delaware and majoring in computer engineering. During her time with the firm, she gained invaluable experience in both the office and the field. Recognizing the value and importance of technology in engineering and other industries, she aspires to expand her expertise and develop new solutions to improve these trades. This is Herissa’s second consecutive year receiving the scholarship award.


KCI 2022 ScholarshipsKalie Nuss, 21, daughter of Robert Nuss (Transportation North)

Kalie is entering her senior year at Liberty University, seeking a degree in biomedical sciences with minors in mathematics, psychology, and French. Looking ahead, she plans to apply to medical schools across the country, in hopes of becoming a pediatric endocrinologist or neurologist. This is Kalie’s fourth consecutive year receiving the scholarship award.


KCI 2022 ScholarshipsAnnabelle Sun, 18, daughter of Lijie Li (Water)

As she enters her freshman year at Northeastern University, Annabelle will be studying design with the intent to start a business with her artistic visions and abilities. She hopes to utilize her artwork to inspire others and develop applications to assist people with emotional challenges such as depression and anxiety.


KCI 2022 ScholarshipsCody Wiggins, 19, son of Paul Wiggins (Construction)

Cody is entering his sophomore year at Saint Joseph’s University where he is majoring in communications and looking to pursue a career in public relations and media with a focus on the sports industry. Eager to continue his volunteer efforts, he plans to keep working with organizations that benefit youth with disabilities and other community service initiatives.


Congratulations to all the recipients and applicants who are continuing to fuel personal growth through education.