KCI Acquires Georgia Traffic Planning Firm GCA

KCI is pleased to announce the acquisition of GCA Inc., a Georgia-based consulting firm specializing in transportation planning and engineering. Their expertise includes a full range of services, including traffic engineering, operations and maintenance of traffic signal systems, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) planning and engineering, and transportation planning.

GCA has an excellent reputation for providing transportation services in the Southeast. They bring KCI a wealth of resources and knowledge as we continue to expand our presence in providing traffic engineering, planning, ITS and operations and maintenance services in the Southeast market.

Bayne E. Smith, PE, PTOESenior Vice President, Transportation South Market Leader

Bayne E. Smith, PE, PTOE

GCA has been in business for more than 35 years, having completed hundreds of projects throughout the Southeast with a primary focus on technology and innovation. GCA’s backlog includes planning and engineering services for the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), city and county governments, engineering consultants, and private sector clients.

KCI has focused on expanding transportation-related capabilities throughout the Southeast market. GCA complements the firm’s strategic initiatives and expands an already robust staff of more than 170 in the Atlanta metropolitan area. GCA’s team will continue to operate from their office in Atlanta until merging with KCI’s existing facilities later this Spring.