Barbara Tortorelli Expands Subsurface Utility Engineering Services in Pittsburgh

KCI welcomes Barbara Tortorelli as project manager for Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) services in the firm’s office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She will continue to develop SUE opportunities throughout the Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia areas while managing multiple teams and contracts.

With more than 30 years of experience in the fields of subsurface utility engineering, underground utility locating and surveying, Tortorelli has been involved in tasks ranging from on-site fieldwork with location and vacuum equipment to overall project coordination and team management. Her expertise involves oversight from project inception to completion, including project preparation and planning, scheduling, field operations, coordination of survey and CADD efforts, quality control review of field data and production of final project deliverables.

Tortorelli has completed work for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for the past 14 years and has also contracted with several other state departments including New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Virginia, Arizona and the Maryland State Highway Administration. She has managed SUE assignments on a variety of consultant teams for PennDOT district projects, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission contracts, and various city and county ventures.