ACEC/MD Honors Multiple KCI Projects with Awards

The American Council of Engineering Companies / Maryland (ACEC/MD) recently honored two KCI projects at their 2020 Engineering Excellence Awards and Gala held last month in Baltimore. The BGE Gas Gate and Regulator Station Mapping and Modeling Pilot project was recognized with an Outstanding Project Award and the Rising Sun-Chester Water System Interconnect received the organization’s highest honor, the Grand Award.


BGE Gas Gate and Regulator Station Mapping and Modeling Pilot

Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) was experiencing issues with accurate detection of their underground infrastructure as well as outdated information when repairs or upgrades to their sites were completed. Conflicts with unmapped or abandoned utilities/substructures can be deadly to field crews and the public, and inaccurate data can lead to significant issues with abandoned infrastructure or unexpected field conditions, causing construction delays and budget overruns, impacting the ability to meet customer demand, and resulting in unsafe conditions with potentially devastating consequences. KCI piloted two new technologies—the innovative geophysical AM Gradiometer (AMG) and the Microsoft HoloLens—to detect, map, model and visualize underground infrastructure in and around four natural gas facilities. Engineers combined results from a cutting-edge subsurface utility engineering approach that uses AM radio waves with LiDAR to create 2D and 3D existing conditions mapping.


Pipe BurstingTown of Rising Sun-Chester Water System Interconnect

Since 1990, the town of Rising Sun in the northeast corner of Maryland has more than doubled its population, which is now estimated at approximately 2,800. Over the last decade, town management had struggled to supply sufficient water to meet the growing demand. Local aquifers were simply unable to sustain the current population, with the five town wells producing less than half the flow needed to support residents and businesses. Water restrictions in place for the last decade had also severely limited the potential for new development or annexation of surrounding lands. After a decade of planning and preliminary engineering had stalled, the town called on KCI Technologies to move the project forward. Engineers partnered with public works officials and regulators in both states to coordinate the funding, design and construction of a five-mile water main connecting CWA’s water system to the town’s infrastructure network. The firm also provided preliminary and final design, permitting, construction inspection and public involvement services for the one-mile section that was located in Maryland.