Transportation Visualization for Public Involvement Webinar

This webinar provides an overall understanding of the visualization production process for transportation projects, including simulation videos and still rendering examples from actual projects. Topics such as public involvement opportunities, potential target audiences, budgets and benefits of data visualization, impacts on transportation planning and photo-simulation for design phases were discussed by the presenters.

At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to understand:

  • How and why DOTs are driving the transition from 2D plan sheets to 3D models for planning and design
  • How and why accurate visuals are essential for building trust on controversial projects and work involved in taking a typical planning-level design 3D model to an animation-ready 3D model
  • How 3D reality models of existing conditions are created with drone photography
  • How a VISSIM traffic simulation model can be visualized in 3D in combination with proposed CAD design models
  • The budget required for video versus the photo-matching and photo-simulation process

For more information, feel free to reach out to our presenters: