Town of Smyrna Water and Wastewater Asset Management Program Development

Smyrna, Delaware

KCI is leading the development of a comprehensive asset management program for the town of Smyrna’s water and wastewater infrastructure systems. The water system serves a population of approximately 10,000 per the 2010 Census and totals approximately 3,861 metered customers. The town’s wastewater system roughly serves the same population and customers as the water system, with only a small number of customers not served by the wastewater system.

In 2016, Smyrna received grants from the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) to develop an asset management program for its water and wastewater infrastructure over a five-year span and contracted KCI to lead the program’s end-to-end development and sustainment. Services required include:

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Data Compilation
  • ArcGIS Online Setup
  • ArcGIS Collector Configuration
  • Onsite Customized Training
  • Levels of Service Workshop
  • Condition & Criticality Assessments
  • O&M Optimization

As part of the initial work on this project, KCI staff consulted as-builts and other GIS source files to compile GIS asset inventories for the town’s infrastructure into ESRI’s Local Government Information models for water and wastewater. Key attribute information was captured as well including size, material and installation dates. Next, our team facilitated the setup of an ArcGIS Online account for the town and published the water and wastewater map layers for them to access via field tablets. ESRI’s ArcCollector was setup and training provided to town staff in order to access the maps in the field and provide feedback on observations of new features, updated features and attribution to be incorporated in the GIS.

Our team of analysts is now leading initiatives to determine appropriate levels of services, perform condition and criticality assessments, and provide guidance to optimize the operations and maintenance activities as well as input into the town’s CIP.


  • Migrated water and wastewater system features into ESRI’s LGIM including key attribution needed for criticality assessments.
  • Published water and wastewater map layers to AGOL and developed a reporting application for field staff to capture new or updated features including the attachment of photos.
  • Performed onsite training for 3 town staff in data maintenance, ArcGIS Online administration and field access and reporting.
  • KCI produced an Asset Management Report for the town outlining the current state of the project including the asset inventory, GIS support activities, and near and long-term future work.