Ware Creek Watershed Plan

James City, Virginia

As a subconsultant, KCI completed a watershed assessment for Ware Creek, in James City County, Virginia. Over the years, residential development had caused an increase in stormwater runoff and stream bank erosion. Committed to environmental stewardship, the goal of the restoration and preservation plans were to help the county meet its NPDES permit and Chesapeake Bay WIP commitments, reduce nutrient and sediment loads, identify and restore degraded streams and ecosystems, and guide future development to preserved high-quality areas. KCI’s role included accessing stormwater and runoff issues and proposing solutions.

Our team conducted upland reconnaissance for pollutant sources in neighborhoods and commercial sites; GIS analysis of land use, impervious area and existing best management practices; and pollutant load modeling. These tasks helped identify and prioritize stormwater management retrofits and non-structural measures for improvements. Throughout the process, our team presented their findings at public meetings to gather input and obtain feedback from stakeholders.