University of Maryland – Wye Oak Building

College Park, Maryland

KCI provided site/civil, geotechnical and surveying services on the University of Maryland’s new 12,000-square-foot Wye Oak Building, which houses the university’s Department of Building and Landscape Maintenance. While the department’s existing structure only provided space for 85 staff members, the new building is able to accommodate more than 100 employees.

Due to the range of services that the department provides to the university, the project required full building power backup. Existing underground tanks, new emergency generator, new underground electrical lines and other utilities were located on site. The sustainable building was also designed to meet LEED Silver and Green Globes certification, and it was the first building on campus to receive dual recognition. Our team provided support services for the certification process.

Additionally, under this contract our team prepared plans for a new heavy equipment parking yard for the trash trucks, tandem axel dumps, and other heavy equipment owned by the University. The existing parking lot was designed with a nine-inch-thick concrete surface to withstand the traffic loads and not deteriorate with spilled fuel or hydraulic fluids contacting the surface as asphalt pavements would. Our team designed an oil and grit separator to intercept these elements and spills involving oil products and the liquid wastes from the trash truck prior to reaching the storm drain system. Turning movements were also analyzed and additional lighting was added due to the current deficiency in the photometrics of the parking lot’s lighting system.