Tennessee Titans Gameday Multimodal and Traffic Planning

Nashville, Tennessee

Through our acquisition of RPM, our team evaluated the existing traffic access plan for the Tennessee Titans and recommend improvements to ensure that the traffic flow, pedestrian flow and parking were optimized.

Nissan Stadium is located on the eastern banks of the Cumberland River, across from downtown Nashville. The stadium covers approximately 85 acres of land, with a seating capacity for 69,143 attendants, and 7,490 on-campus parking spaces that are under the Titans’ control. There are more than 5,700 off-campus parking spaces in the vicinity of the stadium.

As part of the project, engineers used video cameras, Google traffic maps, and field observations to determine the existing bottlenecks, pedestrian/vehicular conflicts and excessive roadway capacities. Using this information, our team prepared pre-game and post-game recommendations aimed at increasing the capacity in key areas and maximizing the efficient flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.