Tennessee Statewide Multimodal Long-Range Transportation Plan

Statewide, Tennessee

KCI (through the acquisition of RPM Transportation Consultants) assisted the Tennessee Department of Transportation in the development of Tennessee’s 25-Year Long-Range Transportation Plan. Using an innovative and holistic approach, the two-year planning effort addressed needs at both policy and investment levels in order to more effectively address transportation challenges.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation’s (TDOT) 25-Year Statewide Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is an important guiding document, not only for TDOT but also for its many stakeholders given the key long-term funding and policy framework that the plan establishes for making transportation investments statewide.

The most comprehensive public engagement outreach effort to date for the Department was undertaken in the development of the 25-Year LRTP, which not only increased the quality and relevancy of the plan’s recommendations, but also generated support for the plan. More than 20,000 points of contact were recorded as part of the planning effort using regional summits, customer and online surveys, traditional and social media, book-a-planner meetings, focus groups, WikiMaps online mapping tool, and a series of videos.

Two products were ultimately produced, which were driven by an extraordinary internal and external engagement process:

TN Statewide Multimodal LRTP Cover25-Year Policy Plan

Responding to TDOT’s new multimodal emphasis in system planning, the plan was organized around eight policy papers that cover a range of topics – mobility, accessibility, coordination, freight, safety, financial, travel trends, and demographics – to more accurately and effectively address today’s multimodal needs (versus separating by mode). A comprehensive range of policy recommendations were provided that address policies, programs and funding options designed to better manage existing facilities and effectively provide new ones where needed.

10-Year Strategic Investment Plan

The Investment Plan contains fiscally-constrained program investments aligned with the direction outlined in the Policy Plan. Specific projects are not identified, but rather the needs associated with each program were determined through a data-driven process to support the programmatic allocations using a deficiency analysis tool developed for this effort.