Liberty Island Restoration

New York, New York

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Statue of Liberty - Close upAfter Hurricane Sandy damaged the service and ferry docks at the Statue of Liberty National Monument on Liberty Island in New York, KCI worked with the Federal Highway Administration Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division to oversee the rehabilitation of the structures.

Since this iconic destination welcomes thousands of visitors every day it was important to quickly reopen the monument for public access. The first phase of construction involved installation of a temporary docking barge at the visitors dock, and replacement of the destroyed service dock on the north side of the island. Serving as construction inspector and owner’s representative, KCI’s role was to observe construction, document compliance with engineering plans and report the progress of repairs.

With the monument re-opened to ferry passengers, the second phase of the project focused on repairing and replacing sections of the damaged south ferry dock, which had welcomed visitors since the 1960s. In just a few short months, the monument had two fully functional access and egress points for visitors, staff and equipment.