Simonton Road at Park Place

Lawrenceville, Georgia

KCI served as the lead engineer for a single-lane roundabout project at the intersection of Simonton Road and Park Place Drive in the City of Lawrenceville for the Gwinnett County Department of Transportation. The existing intersection was experiencing delays and with a new residential development being built on the adjacent property, a solution was needed to improve the overall operations of the intersection.

Our team was initially tasked with determining if a roundabout would efficiently handle the future traffic demand. With the analysis complete and the roundabout proving to be a viable solution, KCI prepared a conceptual layout and cost estimate. Engineers then moved into the design phase of the project, which required extensive coordination with the owner and engineering firm of the residential development. It was important that the roundabout be complete before the homes became occupied. Working under an aggressive schedule, our team completed the survey, SUE, traffic analysis, roadway design and stormwater analysis and the project moved to construction earlier than expected.