Severn River Bridge Lane Reconfiguration

Annapolis, Maryland

The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration requested KCI’s services on an accelerated bridge construction project. Originally built in 1953, the Severn River Bridge carries traffic along US 50, which serves as one of three main access routes to Maryland’s Eastern Shore. In 2017, Governor Larry Hogan announced a multi-million dollar effort to address the severe congestion along the route before the following Memorial Day holiday.

KCI’s project engineer and inspection team provided construction oversight of a fast-track project to add a fourth eastbound lane along the highway’s crossing of the Severn River by connecting two parallel structures and reconfiguring the existing typical section. Unique solutions included expanded maintenance of traffic inspection and oversight, coordination of construction staging that leveraged around-the-clock shifts and approached the project from both land and sea and deployment of KCI’s proprietary MFS e-construction application. Additionally, extensive public outreach was required due to the high-profile nature of the work. Opened a month ahead of schedule, the completion of the construction project will reduce congestion for both residents and visitors.