Quarantine Road Landfill

Baltimore, Maryland

KCI has provided multiple planning, engineering, and environmental services to support the city of Baltimore Department of Public Works in their management, improvement, and possible expansion of the permitted Quarantine Road Landfill.  The city’s goal was to close an adjoining industrial waste landfill and design a “piggy-back” liner over that landfill to serve the dual purposes of capping the industrial waste and collecting leachate from the expanded municipal waste landfill.

Our team prepared a Phase 1 Permit Application and a Phase 2 Work Plan for the landfill expansion. Environmental engineers conducted investigations of gypsum scale and carbonate scale on leachate transport facilities, and prepared reports, with recommendations for scale management and for addressing the scaling process. Basic procedures were identified for acid cleaning the leachate transport pumping, force main, and gravity sewer. A stormwater pollution prevention plan was also prepared for the project site. KCI conducted groundwater, surface water, leachate, and air sampling, and testing in order to meet Maryland Department of the Environment reporting requirements. A draft consolidated erosion and sediment control plan was prepared to incorporate the various previously approved plans for both landfills.

KCI also provided community outreach assistance, including preparation of graphics for a public information meeting at the Curtis Bay community center, and contacted and briefed various public officials regarding the project.