Professional Services for Building Structures at the Port of Houston

Houston, Texas

KCI was awarded an open-end contract with the Port of Houston Authority to provide architectural design services, mechanical/electrical/plumbing (MEP) engineering, civil/site and structural engineering services. Tasks included:

Port-of-Houston-Jacintoport-Building-2Bayport Terminal – Stevedore Support Buildings 2 & 3 HVAC Issues. The Stevedore Building was experiencing temperature and humidity issues with multiple prior failed attempts to seal air leaks. Our team was responsible for independently observing the facilities existing HVAC system, reviewing previous documentation and drawings for the facility, and interviewing maintenance personnel to gather additional information. Upon completion of the initial assessments, KCI made recommendations for repairs and provided construction estimates for all recommendations.

Marine Emergency Building Peer Review of HVAC and Envelope Design. Engineers reviewed drawings and specifications for deficiencies regarding compliance to applicable MEP building codes, design adequacy and any other missing information. The review of the building was restricted to the building’s envelope—walls, glazings and roofs—and HVAC systems. KCI provided a final report documenting their findings and made recommendations for improvement to the Port. The emergency building is currently under construction and regulations require a third-party peer review to occur.

Seamen’s Church Roof. KCI’s architects completed site visits to the existing facility to investigate deterioration of the built-up roof. After multiple site visits with in-house personnel and a roofing consultant, our team provided the client with a report documenting its findings and making recommendations for repair.

Jacintoport Shed 1 Warehouse Facility Fire Protection System. The warehouse facility was due for upgrades to the existing fire protection systems. KCI performed field surveys of the system and provided solutions and drawings for the replacements and upgrades required. Electrical engineers verified existing electrical service integrity at the pump and plumbing designers analyzed the existing tank sizing and fill time for required classifications. Our fire protection personnel conducted site investigations to view the aging systems, including water supply, and interviewed on site personnel to gain an understanding of operational requirements. Upon completion of each task team conducting site observations and data collection, KCI provided the port with documentation of their findings and recommendations.

Port-of-Houston-1Cruise Terminal Condensation. Our team of engineers assessed conditions and proposed repair recommendations relative to condensation forming on the steel structure framing and exposed ductwork in the lobby area, as well as the chilled water pipe insulation in the facility’s mechanical room.

Bayport Cruise Terminal – Boiler Assessment. KCI performed a review of the boiler system located at the Bayport Cruise Terminal. Post review, the team prepared a report with repair and upgrade recommendations.

TBT and Woodhouse Sheds. KCI performed roof inspections at five facilities and prepared a report outlining existing conditions, recommending repairs, and providing construction budget estimates.

Woodhouse Restroom and Clerk’s Office. KCI provided architectural design and MEP and structural engineering for the modular building design of a clerk’s office and restroom facility.