Owings Mills Gas Gate Station

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE) enlisted the help of KCI to locate and verify the entire footprint of their 60,000-square-foot Owings Mill gate station prior to upcoming construction projects. Multiple KCI disciplines came together to offer BGE both traditional and innovative approaches to identifying and managing their complex infrastructure network. Our team used LiDAR, drones, traditional SUE and AM Gradiometry to create 2D drawings and 3D building information models (BIM). The latter provided a highly accurate geometry of the site including dimensions and locations of all above ground gas utilities, value assemblies, buildings, fence lines and underground pipe routes.

Additionally, an Augmented Reality (AR) model was created so that BGE personnel could use a Microsoft HoloLens to virtually walk through the facility and observe these features at scale. The models and AR platform serve as a foundation for asset management that can be easily updated, will improve construction document development, offer training opportunities and facilitate future development of digital dashboards for lifecycle and operations management.