Northeast Transmission Water Line

Houston, Texas

As part of its Surface Water Transmission Program, the city of Houston is building the 16.5-mile-long Northeast Transmission Line. Scheduled to be constructed in 13 segments, KCI was selected to provide program management for all projects and construction management services for two segments. Although traditional cut and cover techniques were used to install the waterline, the pipes large sizes varying from 54 inches to 120 as well as the high traffic and existing utilities in the urbanized environment presented challenges for the project team.

As program manager, KCI provided technical oversight and assistance, oversaw the construction manager and inspection teams, and assured that proper procedures were being followed and properly documented. Our team was also called on to resolve problems and provide recommendations to the city on many complex issues that arose during construction. When complete, the project will convey 365 million-gallons-per-day from the Northeast Water Purification Plant to the city of Houston, five regional water authorities and multiple municipal utility districts.