NexLube Tampa Oil Re-Refinery Plant

Tampa, Florida

KCI provided environmental support to obtain all necessary permits for operation of NexLube, Tampa’s new $120+ million oil re-refinery on 12.3 acres at the Port of Tampa’s Pendola Point. The plant can process up to 24 million gallons of used oil annually and is the most advanced oil recycling facility in the world.

The team authored all compliance and contingency plans to support the issuance of the facility’s used oil processing permit by the state of Florida. Specifically, KCI completed the facility’s stormwater pollution prevention plan and best management practices plan (SWPPP-BMP), spill prevention, control, and countermeasure (SPCC) plan, facility response plan (FRP) including the emergency response action plan (ERAP) supplement, and the integrated contingency plan (ICP). The team also wrote the facility closure plan including calculating and certifying the anticipated closure cost for the facility. All of these plans are integral to the issuance of the used oil processing permit.