NCDOT Mitigation Inventory and Evaluation of Stewardship Sites

Various Locations, North Carolina

NCDOT-Mitigation-Inventory-and-Evaluation-of-Stewardship-Sites-Report-MapKCI performed site inspections at over 50 mitigation sites for the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), Natural Environmental Section. The inspections are a required activity in accordance with NCDOT’s Natural Environment Section Stewardship Program Guidelines. The goal of the field inspection process is to document specific easement violations so that NCDOT can take required actions to remedy the violations.

Our team developed a structured spatial and tabular data collection process using an Android-based mobile device. Mobile data collection options were considered from those KCI regularly uses in the field, such as ArcPad, ArcGIS Collector, Open Data Kit (ODK) and Trimble Field equipment. For this project, KCI chose the ODK platform as the inspection team would be working primarily in a ‘disconnected from Wi-Fi’ environment, and the deliverable was a site-focused report aggregating photos, comments, and multiple occurrences of violations grouped by type.

The application was deployed on an Android based tablet and all inspections were performed over the course of a few weeks. Each inspection involved an evaluation of violation possibilities across the site, documentation of each violation including photographs, and an evaluation and site rating, including photos.

When Wi-Fi connectivity becomes available in the field, the mobile application allows the user to upload data automatically to the cloud repository, and then the data is immediately available to the project manager and client. SQL Server based reports were used to connect to the cloud deployed MySQL database to aggregate the information into a final NCDOT standardized report format specified by the stewardship group. As soon as the data was published from the mobile device to the cloud repository the SQL Server report could be opened and viewed.