Nashville Sounds Baseball Park Traffic and Parking Studies

Nashville, Tennessee

Through our acquisition of RPM, our team provided transportation consulting for the new Nashville Ballpark project working on behalf of the Metro Public Works Department. A large part of the project was the relocation of the existing state parking lots in the Sulfur Dell area to a new four-storied parking garage with 1,000 parking spaces.

Engineers conducted a detailed traffic study that addressed the impact of the proposed relocation during several traffic conditions, including sold-out events, average attendance as well as regular weekday a.m. and p.m. peak hour operation when state employees use the facility. The analysis required re-routing existing traffic patterns based on the changes in the road network, conducting ballpark-specific trip generation estimates and analyzing the operation of the surrounding transportation network.

In addition to providing level-of-service of critical intersections, our team provided estimates for the time it would take to empty the garage under different access options as well as the travel time ballpark patrons can expect to incur from the time they leave their parking space to when they enter the surrounding roadways. Furthermore, engineers also analyzed the impact of different access locations on the surrounding transportation network. Based on these detailed technical analyses, infrastructure needs were recommended to facilitate the egress and ingress of ballpark patrons and state employees from the proposed parking garage.