Narragansett Indian Longhouse Curation Annex

Charlestown, Rhode Island

Under an on-call, task order contract, KCI provided comprehensive construction management services for this $3.5 million project to demolish and reconstruct an existing tribal worship center for the Narragansett Indian Tribe.

As a result of a settlement regarding a dispute over the wrongful taking of 3,200 acres of original tribal land by the state of Rhode Island, the tribe was reinstated with much of their property and the promise of a new Longhouse and Cultural Annex. Descended from the aboriginal people of Rhode Island, the Narragansett Indians had historically maintained two homes—one for summer and a “long house” for winter.

Status 4/29/2011

The new structure consists of timber, glu-lam architectural trusses with circular features, partially subterranean lower floor with a prayer circle for worship, conference rooms, administrative spaces and other tribal ceremonial space. The exterior of the facility consists of a half-round roof structure with slate shingles characteristic of traditional New England structures and the Narragansett tribal facilities. Hand-placed artistic glass produced and installed by an approved sculpture surrounds the exterior façade of the building and uses historic artifacts contributed by the tribe to adorn the building.

The project required extensive coordination between the Tribe, the Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division (EFLHD) and the local municipalities to ensure that jurisdictional authority remained with the Tribe and EFLHD for the duration of the project. KCI utilized the Rhode Island Department of Transportation’s Project Management Portal to the fullest extent available and supplemented the on-line project management files with Sharepoint and Contract Manager management information systems.