Multiple Emergency Repairs for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

Cherokee Nation, North Carolina

Eastern-Band-of-Cherokee-Indians-Multiple-Emergency-Repairs-roadway-damageFollowing the severe rain and flooding that occurred in the winter and spring of 2013, KCI evaluated and designed emergency repairs for dozens of sites affected by landslides, slope failures and drainage issues for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) Cherokee Department of Transportation (CDOT).

Our team was initially contacted to assist with three slope failures and based upon that success, additional locations were assigned. KCI quickly assembled a multi-disciplinary team to conduct initial site inspections and evaluate the existing conditions before working with CDOT to prioritize the projects based on severity and need. As data was gathered and compiled for analysis, KCI’s design engineers expedited structural and roadway designs for emergency repairs. Our team identified sites where alternate approaches could save CDOT money or where a more in-depth solution was needed over original estimates.

We put ourselves in their place and tried to design solutions in the most economical and beneficial way possible.

Eric D. Anderson, PEProject Manager

Eric D. Anderson, PE

At CDOT’s request, KCI tailored the structural design to incorporate an excess stock of Redi-Rock block retaining wall components, which CDOT had in storage from a previous project. Use of these block components allowed CDOT to avoid additional expense for retaining wall building materials, and expedited installation since the components could be installed by CDOT’s in-house construction staff.

Our team continues to provide multi-disciplined services to CDOT to support their ongoing needs for analysis, planning, design and construction management. Services include survey and construction stake-out, geotechnical engineering, drainage engineering, hydraulic analysis, structural engineering, roadway design, project management, and inspection.