Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) Roundabout

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) is one of the largest universities in Tennessee with an enrollment of over 24,000 students. KCI, through our acquisition of RPM, began assisting MTSU in developing a plan to create a network of well-connected internal roadways while reorganizing parking to campus perimeters and creating a pedestrian friendly, vehicle-free core.

Integral to the plan was the development of roadway cross-sections that would support all users (general traffic, campus shuttles, bicycles and pedestrians) while maintaining low speed characteristics in a congested campus environment. Balancing the accommodation needs of the existing shuttle service with each typical section and the new roadway network at times required multiple reconfigurations to satisfy the overall objective of the project. Challenges included accommodating dedicated shuttle bike lanes through the roundabout, pedestrian accessibility, stakeholder education, and design phasing.

MTSU Roundabout Ped Bike

Thanks to this effort, the network now includes a series of multi-lane modern roundabouts, representing some of the first multi-lane modern roundabouts with corridor access management applications in the state.

Project highlights include:

  • Transformed campus from auto-centric to multimodal
  • Enhanced bicycle and pedestrian safety and access
  • Complete streets approach
  • Context sensitive solutions
  • First shared bus/bike lane in Tennessee