MDOT SHA Utility Design Services Open-End

Statewide, Maryland

KCI was awarded a five-year, $3 million on-call contract to identify and provide utility relocation concepts and final design of all underground and aboveground existing and proposed utilities impacted by Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) design projects. The work included researching utility records, designating files, test pit files and investigating existing utility facilities in the field. KCI acted as a design agent for any utility company that had their facilities impacted and required relocation by MDOT SHA projects. Our team provided and assisted the MDOT SHA with coordination efforts with affected utility owners impacted by transportation projects. Tasks performed under this contract have included:

U.S. 29 Phase I – Northbound Widening and Access Roads. KCI provided utility coordination services including review roadway plans, UFI, conflict determination, constructability review, utility construction schedule. There were a total of four impacted utilities including a 30-inch water main which was originally considered to be relocated because of the direct impacts of a proposed culvert, storm drain and noise wall.MSHA-Utility-Design-Services-Statewide-US-1-CCTV

I-95 at Contee Road Interchange – 30-inch Water Main Relocation Design. Engineers completed 90% design of a 30-inch water main in three weeks. KCI provided full design for relocation of WSSC-owned existing 30-inch, 24-inch and 16-inch prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) under an accelerated schedule. A preliminary design for this project to replace the PCCP pipe with DIP was required within three weeks of notice to proceed, with the intent of completing design as fast as possible in one to two months so that an ongoing design-build project would not be delayed. Our team worked closely through active coordination with WSSC, the reviewing agency, system owner and the contractor to make sure the expedited design could be approved in time to meet the MDOT SHA schedule requirements and avoid delays in the field. Despite the nearly unprecedented schedule requirement, KCI was able to meet all deadlines and produce a product that is currently being constructed.

MD 30 Business (Main Street) from North Woods Trail to CSX RR intersection improvements – Subsurface Utility Locating and Designation Services. KCI field crews used non-destructive methods to expose utilities. Using vacuum excavation, test holes helped determine the depth of the utilities from existing grade as well as their estimated size and material type. Excavation included the removal of existing pavement, base paving and soil extraction, backfill of excavated material with compaction and temporary paving repair with cold-mix asphalt. While ground water, large rock and other irregularities inhibit this process, our team made every effort with our standard equipment to gain a visual confirmation of the existing utility and documented its horizontal and vertical position.

MD 175 over MD 95. The purpose of the MD 175 project is to improve the existing capacity, traffic operations, intermodal connectivity, and vehicular and pedestrian safety of MD 175, while supporting existing and planned development in the area. In addition, this project will serve to accommodate future transportation needs in and around Fort Meade and will improve connectivity between Odenton and MD 295. Our team performed a utility impact analysis for the project limits. Engineers also developed conceptual relocation plans for the impacted utilities including a 26-inch transmission gas main.