Mimosa Boulevard Bridge Replacement (Bridge B-5001 over Pine Knoll Shores Canal)

Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina


KCI provided utility coordination and construction engineering and inspection services for the Mimosa Boulevard bridge replacement project. The project was included in the NCDOT’s Municipal Bridge Replacement Program. The existing structure, which had been built originally in 1972, was replaced with a 45.5-foot-long by 42-foot-wide single-span, cored slab bridge over the Pine Knoll Shores Canal.

Mimosa-Boulevard-Bridge-Replacement-Post-ConstructionThe project included widening of the canal under the bridge because the existing structure constricted the width of the canal from approximately 33 feet to 17 feet. Mimosa Boulevard is the only practical pedestrian crossing of the canal for citizens walking to the beach, and pedestrian access had to be maintained at this location during construction. The roadway was initially closed to vehicular traffic while a temporary pedestrian bridge was installed over the canal. The pedestrian bridge was trucked to the project site in sections, assembled on the roadway, then lifted by crane into position. Once in place, demolition began on the existing structure followed by construction on the new bridge foundations.

The project also involved removal and replacement of 230 linear feet of existing sheet pile bulkhead, installation of an eight-inch waterline aerial crossing, as well as .10 miles of roadway improvements.