Military Ocean Terminal Concord Pier Inspections

Concord, California

On-Site Diver Safety Drill

Engineer-divers from KCI and joint venture partner Pennoni Associates conducted multiple underwater and above water inspections at the Military Ocean Terminal Concord (MOTCO) in California over the course of several years. Jutting into the Suisun Bay, MOTCO’s ship-loading and unloading complex (originally known as Port Chicago) was built in the 1940’s to support military operations during World War II.

Today the facility is used to store, load and unload ammunition for both Army and Naval fleets. Since the piers were built using 19th century technology, these routine inspections help to ensure they still meet the needs of the 21st century.

The dive team combined comprehensive safety procedures with their technical knowledge and skills to address risks and evaluate the condition of the facility’s expansive waterfront pier structure. Divers faced several challenges including low visibility, cold temperatures and strong currents. Additionally, the team had to follow extreme safety measures as not to disturb potential unexploded ordinances below the underwater mud line.

The results of our diver’s inspections are used to help determine any needed repairs to maintain current operation levels of this mission critical ship loading facility.