Lenoir County Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Surveys

Kingston, North Carolina

KCI performed a hazardous materials survey for 16 county-owned buildings in Kinston, North Carolina. The hazardous material survey included identification and quantification of materials that contained, or were likely to contain, asbestos and lead-based paint.

Environmental scientists performed a room-by-room asbestos containing materials (ACM) inspection noting the conditions of each material. Bulk sampling was conducted to identify all ACMs located throughout the county-owned buildings, and an XRF was used on-site to determine the concentrations of lead in the painted surfaces.

A total of 600 bulk samples were collected and analyzed for asbestos content, and more than 2,500 XRF readings were taken from all surveyed buildings. Following analysis of the data, KCI quantified all of the specific materials determined to be ACMs and generally characterized the extent of lead-based paint within each building and/or area. Our team posted labels on all friable ACMs and provided a list of all damaged ACMs. Further, recommendations were developed to manage the damaged ACM’s.

The entire project was completed within two months. KCI efficiently coordinated with the laboratory in a timely fashion to obtain bulk results to meet the project completion time frame. All inspections were completed during normal business hours, while the facilities were open to the public, with minimal disturbance to operations.