Lake Worth Beach Major Thoroughfares Design Guidelines

Lake Worth Beach, Florida

Located on the southeast coast of Florida, Lake Worth Beach is a vibrant beach community that embraces creativity, community spaces and forward thinking policies. KCI worked with the Lake Worth Beach Community Redevelopment Agency and the city’s planning and zoning department to develop a set of design guidelines for the city’s major thoroughfares. Intended to help developers and designers understand how to implement desired outcomes consistent with the city’s regulations and community vision, the document needed to be innovative, visually rich, and user and web-friendly. Throughout the project, planners and designers encountered various challenges, including coordination with multiple entities, budgetary constraints, and complex and evolving regulations and documents. To overcome these issues our team implemented creative design and project management techniques and solutions to ensure they were meeting project goals. Three-dimensional architectural models were created, and colors were used to highlight specific topics being discussed. Additionally, maps, photographs and best practices were included to help present the information in a concise and easy-to-read format. The final guidelines were well received and will serve as a positive marketing and branding tool for the city’s future economic development.