Kingsport MPO 2035 Long-Range Transportation Plan

Kingsport, Tennessee

KCI, through our acquisition of RPM, completed an 18-month effort that resulted in a profound new vision for transportation infrastructure investments in the Kingsport region. To create a stronger link between the stated goals and objectives of the 2035 Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) and transportation improvements selected for funding, a program approach to funding transportation improvements was established. The program initiatives include:

  • active transportation,
  • safety & TSM/ITS solutions,
  • capacity improvements, and
  • economic development and access to jobs.

The resulting LRTP includes 50 specific transportation project improvements; funding-programs for sidewalks, bikeways, safety, bridges, and intersections; and funds for the Kingsport area’s transit needs. In addition to capital improvements, the plan also accounts for the long-term needs of continued maintenance of the transportation system including transit operations.