Intersection Signalization and Timing

Bowling Green, Kentucky

KCI, through our acquisition of RPM, worked with the city of Bowling Green to undertake an aggressive system replacement signalization project for their downtown. In total, signal and fiber-optic communications designs were prepared for 19 intersections. Our team coordinated closely with the city’s Downtown Redevelopment Authority to ensure appropriate consideration for aesthetics of the mast arms and other design features at each of the signal locations. As part of the project, preliminary plans were developed for three scenarios, including:

  • a one-way system that assumed traffic directional flows remained as they were at the time on all streets in the downtown area,
  • a one-way system that could be easily converted into a two-way system for the State Street and College Street Corridors only, and
  • a fully converted two-way system for the State Street and College Street corridors only.

Engineers developed final construction plans for the 19 intersections, assisted with the bidding process for the project, and provided construction oversight services. Once construction was complete, RPM/KCI prepared timing plans for various intersections within the downtown area.