I-70 Welcome Center

Frederick, Maryland

Under a design-build contract with the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration, Kinsley Construction worked with KCI to reconstruct the welcome centers serving both eastbound and westbound traffic on I-70 in Frederick County, Maryland. Originally constructed in the 1970s the rest centers had become obsolete.

In order to give motorists a safer, more sustainable and more visually-appealing introduction to Western Maryland highlights of the project included separate lanes for vehicles, trucks and buses; increased parking areas; exterior exhibits showcasing the region’s notable attractions; and construction of larger and more energy efficient buildings.

In addition to the welcome centers and restroom buildings, the project involved the design and construction of retaining walls; an above-grade water storage tank structure; water treatment and site piping improvements; two stormwater management facilities, walking trails and playgrounds. Initially, the contract called for deep foundations for the retaining walls; however, KCI’s geotechnical engineers employed value engineering coupled with local knowledge and detailed engineering analysis to design shallow footings, resulting in significant cost savings on the foundation construction.

Our team also took on the role of LEED project administrator and was responsible for coordinating the LEED submissions and advising other members of the design and construction teams. The new facilities feature the latest in sustainable technologies, including a geothermal heating and cooling system, innovative water quality treatments, low flow pumping and recycled materials. Combined, the two campuses and four buildings, are the first operational facilities owned by the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration to receive LEED silver certification through the U.S. Green Building Council.

Through collaboration, innovation and a commitment to sustainability, the new I-70 Welcome Centers now offer motorists a safe, environmentally-friendly facility to investigate the many destinations and adventures the state has to offer.