Houston METRO Rail Operations Center Expansion

Houston, Texas

KCI provided project management, design development services, construction document services, and civil engineering for the expansion of METRO’s light rail facility. The $17 million expansion project included the construction of a 22,000-square-foot maintenance shop, new tracks, additional storage capacity for Light Rail Vehicles (LRV), new LRV cleaning stations and a new parking lot.

The project timeline was critical due to the scheduled delivery date of rail cars, as well as the client’s request for design and construction of the expansion to take place while the existing facility remained operational. The proposed parking lot and delivery access road were the first items to be designed and constructed, allowing for the existing access road and parking lot to be demolished, and the construction of the new ROC shop to be initiated.

KCI developed the horizontal control and dimension plans, grading, drainage analysis, storm sewer design, utility relocations and pavement striping for the new parking lot and access road. The firm also handled the review process at city of Houston and Harris County Flood Control District. KCI closely coordinated with the agency reviewers and ensured a quick turnaround of the updated plans to the agencies for approval. The design and plan approval of the entire project were completed ahead of schedule.