Harrington Downtown Development District Plan

Harrington, Delaware

KCI managed and prepared the Downtown Development District (DDD) Plan for Harrington, Delaware.  The city traces its history all the way back to 1780 when it was known as Clarks Corner.

The DDD plan report offered comprehensive discussions of data collection efforts, vision, goals, objectives and strategies, implementation, incentives, evaluation, and metrics, as well as a series of maps. Current street view images juxtaposed historic photographs obtained with permission from Delaware Public Archives.

  • Key tasks in the planning effort includedHarrington-Downtown-Development-District-Plan-Draft -Cover
  • Identifying the Downtown area, purpose and need, and planning process
  • Facilitating all community outreach activities
  • Creating all presentation and outreach materials to include a themed logo
  • Researching existing documents, activities and organizations
  • Conducting background and data collection
  • Performing an existing conditions analysis
  • Creating a community vision
  • Defining goals, objectives and strategies
  • Creating key priority projects, implementation tasks with a timeline and political will support
  • Performing incentive assessment
  • Identifying additional funding opportunities
  • Creating all applicable maps and exhibits
  • Obtaining support for state designation application.

The community outreach and input approach included facilitating a community downtown survey, four task force meetings, two community outreach events, a community draft plan presentation and a public hearing with an extended public comment period.  The outreach theme was “Love your Downtown,” and it encouraged people to participate in the survey, which helped identify the needs of local consumers and business owners, as well as identify future market opportunities. Gift baskets were also raffled to those that participated in the survey.