Hardin Valley Mobility Study

Knoxville, Tennessee

With close to 20,000 people expected to move into the Hardin Valley area of Knoxville, Tennessee, over the next 12 years, the Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) asked KCI to look at the implications of land use decisions on the area’s roadway network. Our team examined historic development patterns, future population and employment growth and existing transportation deficiencies. Engineers developed three land use scenarios and tested each using TPO’s travel demand model tool. This technical analysis was coupled with a field review of multi-modal, safety and connectivity needs in the study area. Our team also led two highly interactive public meetings, which gave residents an opportunity to rank their goals for the community’s future, pinpoint specific transportation issues and provide input on potential solutions they want to see in the area. In addition, a stakeholder committee made up of local businesses, advocacy groups, developers and schools served as a sounding board to provide insight on community needs and desires throughout the plan development. Ultimately, KCI was able to provide TPO with a list of potential projects, prioritized by cost and constructability, which serve as an articulation of the community’s vision for the future development of and improvements to one of Knox County’s fastest growing areas.