GWU Strategic Main Distribution Facility

Washington, DC

Under a subcontract agreement, KCI provided engineering, construction management, and technical labor to relocate the existing strategic main distribution facility (SMDF) within the support building at the George Washington University.

The $1.9 million project was comprised of installing a new main voice distribution frame, new racks and cabinets to house the data cabling and equipment, a new overhead ladder tray system, a new 20-way four-inch PVC conduit entrance facility, and the relocation of all of the GW underground cable facilities. Our contracting team terminated 28,000 copper pairs on the main frame, relocated seven 1800-pair copper underground cables, and relocated or replaced 14 288-strand fibers. The new entrance facility consisted of a new communications vault that had to be constructed over the existing concrete encased duct bank, 20 new four-inch conduits which had to be installed in an active loading dock area and under an existing brick wall, and installation of an interior EMT conduit through an active mailroom into a new riser splice room. The project had to be scheduled and phased to minimize disruption to operations, maintain service to the multiple buildings serviced by the SMDF, and maintain the existing frame, switch, and data systems, while being cognizant of the effects of noise, dust and debris that could negatively affect the active components.

KCI established the plan, managed the installation and construction, and participated in the cut-over activities. The copper system was migrated to the new frame and underground cables in a scheduled around-the-clock three-day period. The fiber optic system was rearranged to facilitate active cuts with minimal scheduled downtime. All systems were converted with absolutely no difficulties or out-of-service reports.